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I really have to agree with what @Putney said, this was suck an interesting watch, definitely gonna follow!

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Man this shit is just fuckin heart breaking
I've only had a few relatives die in my life, but it is still very rough, especially for kid and their parents
zephyo, this is truly amazing. I watched Markiplier play this after I did, and missed messages after Jacksepticeye played it. Truly amazing, please keeping making stuff!

The emotion of the art style is truly one to behold!
The way the characters express themselves is truly amazing, especially in their small environments, making it feel more personal.
I have never thought about or attempted suicide myself, but I do get really anxious ALOT, and depression can hit out of nowhere for basically no reason. I've been bullied before, this stuff aint fun

Hopefully everyone can get past those days and get the help they need!

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You know legend has it that whenever someone plays this song around a bottle of scrumpy a wild Demoman will appear out of the bottle

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Such cute designs! The lighting and the shadows and so well done, the colors fit them well to!

My gosh this is super cute and well done! The colors in her hair are so pretty! And just her overall design is so nuce to look at! Definitely gonna follow!

I love all the various blues you use
It's a very well structured piece, definitely deserves a follow!
Honestly slime girls are both hot and fascinating, like could some amorphous mass of slime or something like it actually be a living a living being given the right circumstances?
I really like this and I look forward to more!

Atom O. here!
I'm a hopeful artist/musician/gamer/story writer/creative!
I love drawing, playing/listening to music, writing, hanging with friends, and sharing my creations w/ all!
I hope you enjoy what I create!
"Follow Your Dreams, and Brohoof To All!"



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